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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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a lot of people. here is where several blocks of a neighborhood are shut down while hostage negotiators try to get a man out of the house on ogilthorpe northwest. our pat collins and there's still more going on. the standoff is still going on. about six blocks of our city has been shut down because of it. they have traffic control officers deployed here to help the cars work around the incident. there are two schools in the area and police are escorting kids and people who live in the so-called warm zone to their home safely. police are taking their time with this barricade because time is on their side. over and over, the police made a plea for the man to surrender and to end this standoff peacefully.
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>> i'm here to help you. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: police believe this man is holed up in that house on ogilthorpe street in northwest. he's been identified as 22-year-old warren stevenson. he's wanted for an armed carjacking last month on franklin street in northeast. police believe he has a gun. police believe he's in the house. they deployed the s.w.a.t. team with bulletproof shields to secure the area, and with great patience the negotiator talked and talked and talked in an effort to end this in a safe way. this is how it went. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and so down that street the standoff continues. the talking continues and the
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hope for a peaceful ending to this continues, as well. live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> here at the live desk we're keeping an eye on chicago especially now that it's dark and thousands of protesters are still out there on the street. at times, the group is split up, blocking access to streets and going in and out of buildings like macy's. here's a live picture from the air right now. there was you pushing and shoving and officers let them pass and there haven't been any more confrontations. the demonstrations have been coming one after the other after people got a look at the video of an officer shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times. now people are demanding mayor rahm emanuel resigned even after he offered an emotional apology today and nearly came to tears. >> we have to listen to the parents whose children were killed.
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and see their extraordinary grace, their strength and their courage that is required of them to endure the infinite pain of burying their child. >> emanuel talked about the mistrust between residents and chicago police officers and mention that poor people in the city need better education and jobs. we'll be watching what goes on in chicago throughout the hour and stay on the story tonight. we'll be bringing you any updates just as soon as they come in. eun? >> thank you. now for the big developing story first on first 4. prosecutors ending their investigation into d.c. mayor gray. he knew about an illegal slush fund that helped him get elected and he said the case was closed. tom sherwood is live with a look at what's next for gray.
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and this is a huge day for former mayor vincent gray. no charges, none. he's free to resume his life. what will he do? >> thanksgiving day, vince gray at the annual d.c. high school turkey bowl. he wouldn't miss his hometown's big, vent. now that prosecutors have decided not to charge gray in the 2010 shadow campaign scandal, gray may consider restarting his public life. in a brief statement today gray criticized the long probe of him, but looked ahead. justice delay side justice denied, he said. i cannot change history. i look forward to getting on with the next chapter of my life which will no doubt be dedicated to service and that the reese event turkey bowl, gray said a campaign was under consideration. >> i've had a lot of people urging me to take a look at something. >> seven people did plead guilty in the shadow campaign, many close to gray, but not charging gray after all this time reinforced his views that gray
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was mistreated by former prosecutor. gray's attorney, prominent lawyer bob bennett told news 4 today the prosecutors had come up empty and it is time for gray to move on with his life. if after four and a half years the prosecutors could not put together a case that says -- that says an awful lot. this is history. this is over. he should look forward and not -- not behind. >> reporter: whatever vince gray decides to do, we likely won't have to wait too long to find out. vindication can be strong motivation. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4, eun, back to you. >> thank you. this investigation has been going on for years and the news 4 i-team put together a time line of the shadow campaign from the first money order cashed until today's decision. coming up in the next half hour tisha thompson will look at some of the big moments of this
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investigation. a hearing on capitol hill today and unveiled were new details about the shooting in san bernardino, california. the director of the fbi told the senate judiciary committee that the shooters became radicalized at least two years before they even met. nbc's jay gray is in san bernardino now. he's got the latest developments. jay? >> reporter: hi there, jim. as you can see behind me, the regional center here is locked down behind a chain link fence at this point. the investigation continuing inside and outside the crime scene and we are learning more about that couple that officials say carried out the killing spree here. a week after the deadly attack, family members of victims and survivors gathered together today at the inland regional center as investigators continued their work inside. law enforcement sources tell nbc news their indication syed farook was discussing an attack on a california target. >> we have several down in a
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conference room. >> three years before he and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 and wounded 21 inside the inland regional center. that time line indicating they were radicalized before they even met. >> as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. >> reporter: investigators continue to pore through documents and other evidence found inside their home and now say the couple had been practicing at shooting ranges and likely plotting their attack for more than a year. >> we're also working very hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them, with supporting them, with equipping them. >> that part of the investigation now focused on a number of people witnesses saw entering farook's garage in the months just prior to the attack. >> reporter: and federal agents and counter terrorism agents following a money trail here. they say more than $28,000
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acquired through an online loan by the couple was likely left behind for farook's mom and for their 6-month-old baby girl after their death. that is the latest live here in san bernardino. i'm jay gray. eun, back to you. >> thank you. with growing concerns about national security an alarming nbc news investigation shows how easy it is to buy a fake american passport overseas. richard engel reports that agents from the department of homeland security traveled to greece and an undercover agent told a suspected forger he was from isis and bought four stolen american passports dread with new photos. richard engel has more on how the scheme work in an exclusive report tonight on nbc "nightly news." we are learning more about the third gunman who killed people in the bataclan theater during the paris attacks recently. authorities identified a man as a 22-year-old french citizen.
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his name is fouad mohamed-aggad. aggad left for syria in 2013. his remains were not identified until his mother told police she received a text from syria 12 days ago telling her her son was dead. the family provided dna samples that matched those of the third bataclan attacker. aggad's father told a french newspaper that if he'd known what his son was going to do in paris he would have killed him himself. from a scottish university demanding back its honorary degree to the mayor of philadelphia saying he'd ban him from the city, if he could, there was more fallout from donald trump's proposal to keep muslim out of the country, but the candidate doesn't seem to care. a new poll shows his plan is popular with republican supporters. steve handelsman joins us live with more. >> eun, thanks. in the wake of paris and san bernardino, the question is how
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donald trump's hard line would affect his primary prospects. the answer today would seem it didn't hurt him at all despite what other republican candidates are saying and despite what's being said of supporters of hillary clinton. >> reporter: democrats rallied against donald trump in new york. >> if you see bigotry say something. if you see hatred say something. >> reporter: but trump got a warm welcome from aishs's "live with kelly and michael." he claimed the arsenal of the san bernardino killers was known by a lot of people who did not tell police, a charge not made by investigators. >> look at what went on in paris. we'll have tremendous problems. it's getting worse and worse and those problems are coming from a certain sector. >> no sector ought to face discrimination said fridpreside obama. >> regardless of what they look like, where they come from, what
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their last name is or what they practice. >> trump is 100% right. >> conservatives phoning talk radio back a ban on muslims. >> i couldn't get one critical call about donald trump. >> 65% of republicans support trump's ban in today's bloomberg politics poll and 37% of all voters including independents that they need to win over next fall. party activists say trump is hurting that effort. >> there's damage, that's what i was saying the party will figure out how to recover the message and if he or the party is not capable of doing that, but when you get to next november it will be a tough sled. >> gop insiders feels trump's road is now smooth. >> the muslim ban issued is proof. every one of republican vioters have been protesting, 65% of republican voters are saying
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they support it and support him. from washington, steve handelsman, news 4. jim? >> thanks, steve. breaking news in our city. a tense barricade situation in d.c., police trying to bring a peaceful end to their attempt to arrest a suspected carjacker. >> and a protester growing in chicago hours after rahm emanuel apologized for a police-involved shooting and we'll continue to follow dwepts throughout the hour. we'll have testimony in that high-profile case coming up. and we're talking about the potential for some fog overnight tonight, but then the sun returns and so do the warm temperatures. i've got the complete forecast coming up next. news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed.
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>> baltimore police officer william porter spent most of this day testifying in his own defense about the death of freddie gray. the first witness called by his lawyers was a medical expert who has testified in other high-profile celebrity cases. our chris gordon is in baltimore now with more on today's developments. jim, med dal expert dr. vincent demayo has testified at the
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trials zimmerman, scott peterson, and he reviewed the autopsy of freddie gray and testified in court giving his medical opinion of what happened. freddie gray's death was an accident, that's what forensic pathologist dr. vincent demayo testified as the first witness for the defendant, officer william porter. dr. demayo directly contradicts maryland's assistant medical examiner dr. carol ellen who ruled freddie gray's death was a homicide. she testified that he was injured before he stopped on druid hill and dauphin street. that's when he assisted gray up to the van bench, but didn't restrain him with a seat belt or call for medical help, but the defense contends freddie gray was injured later, that he beat his head against the van wall trying to hurt himself and ended up breaking his neck. legal analysts say dr. demayo helped the defense.
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>> he concluded that there was an accident, not a homicide. it's important to the defense case to be able to put forward a different theory. >> reporter: for the rest of the day the defendant officer william porter was on the witness stand. testifying in his own defense porter was asked by his lawyer why he didn't call a medic when freddie gray said he needed help. >> porter answered that he didn't see any sign that porter was in distress. >> when he went in the wagon he saw freddie gray and there were no signs that he needed medical attention at that time. >> he was asked why he didn't put freddie gray in his seat belt. porter said his gun was exposed and he had concerns about safety. >> the defense is asked to call a prisoner who is in jail and shared the van ride with freddie gray on april 12th. he's expected to testify what he heard freddie gray during during that van ride. that's the latest live in
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baltimore, chris gordon, news 4. d.c. police now say the barricade situation here on ogilthorpe street is now over that the suspect armed carjacking suspect warren stevenson is safely in custody. he's been in a standoff with police since 8:30 this morning and we'll have more details coming up at 11:00, but for now, back to you. >> thank you, pat. catholic university's president is trying to calm fears after two scares in 24 hours. last night students were told to shelter in place after a d.c. police officer spotted someone who appeared suspicious. he resembled a man suspected of making threats on monday night. it turned out the man had every right to be on campus and that's according to university officials. d.c. police and the fbi's joint terrorism task force are investigating the incident that prompted the first order to shelter in place. on monday, a custodian reported
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a man with a gun made a threat about a bomb. >> we now know a handgun found on a student at a d.c. high school this month was loaded. the washington post obtained a police document that claims a gun had seven bullets in it. a 17-year-old was arrested after being caught with that gun at wilson high school at northwest. security has been stepped up at the school since the incident and police are trying to figure out how the teen got the gun inside a school. student his to pass through a metal detector when they enter. civil rights act vifrts are increasingly concerned the supreme court might be ready to end the use of race in college admissions. especially after controversial comments today from one of the justices. the court heard the case of a texas woman who argues she was not admitted to the university of texas because she's white. the university argues that race is only one of a number of factors considered for admission and the university says there is value in a diverse student body.
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during the arguments, justice antonin scalia seemed to suggest that it's possible that some black students would benefit from being at what he called a slower-track school. scalia said some students at the university's campus in austin, texas, are in his words being pushed ahead in classes that are too fast for them. you can read more of justice scattia's comments on the nbc washington app. a new station opened today in an underserved area of prince george's county and it won't be fully staffed and that has some people concerned. tracee wilkins reports. >> it was an event so unlikely, even pol tigd iticians were mov song. >> they have begged for their own policestation, but the
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project never happened. meanwhile, the area grew. >> all you have to do is look at the traffic in the morning and you can see there's a lot of activity. >> reporter: so did crime. >> we had a number of home invasions and a number of burglaries and the criminals began to understand what the response times were. >> reporter: now the ribbon has been cut in district 7 open. >> we're beginning to approach the roll call room. >> they were going to delay this opening leaving the building empty for a year saying there was no money to staff it. after our reporting and an outpouring from the community, the executive decided the building would open, but with a skeleton crew. >> we promised our citizens that this was going to be done. this is the first step in the right direction. >> reporter: there is still a push to fully staff the station with 50 officers. the county council asked baker to use the money from the county's contingency fund. he told news 4.
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>> we have the money in the contingency fund and he has to request it if he wants to utilize the funds and hopefully he's got a backup plan. >> chief of police mark is hoping to have the station fully staffed by this summer. >> i'm still hopeful, to be honest with you. >> there will be 30 officers by the end of this month and they're expecting it to be full i staffed until next summer. i'm tracee wilkins. news 4. still to come, a police chase that came to a
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yes, we saw the clouds. they stuck in longer than expected and temperatures a little bit lower than expected and don't worry, if you're waiting for the warm air to come
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back it will be here tomorrow and it will stick around for quite some time. we are on the mild side for this time of year. 47 degrees under cloudy skies and we'll continue to see the clouds and we will see the fog back in the region and winchester down to 37 degrees and that's when we have some clearing back toward the west and culpeper at 39 and 49 around the gaithersburg area. take a look at the foggy start and this is what's happening overnight and this is one computer model bringing the fog back taking leesburg close to zero and hagerstown, close to zero and watch out overnight tonight and here's around midnight tonight, some looks close to zero and this computer model, i'm not sure if i believe it or not, but it takes many areas just to the north and west down to zero early tomorrow morning. there is going to be a storm system that should help to clear us out tomorrow and you might be able to make the tee time, not just tomorrow, but right on through the weekend and much
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warmer and near record temperatures for the weekend and 57 degrees in gaithersburg and 60 down toward la platta. looking pretty good, we'll see the fog lift and we will see temperatures on the rise. 57 degrees by about 1:00 in the afternoon and 60 degrees by 3:00 and in the next couple of days we're warmer still. 64 degrees on your friday. 69 on saturday. the record on saturday is 71 degrees and we'll be close to that. 67 degrees coming up during the day on sunday. it will be the warmest day of the seven-day period on saturday. one of them, but it is still almost wintertime and we're talking about that winter forecast and tracking winter storm team 4 and a whole half hour special for you and not just winter and what you need to prepare for it and make sure you tune in to that and we'll have much more on the forecast including that near record
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warmth and breaking a record or two. >> looking forward to it. thanks, doug. >> coming up, dozens of murder cases unsolved. we'll report on new demands from relatives from victim as police work to bring killers to justice. a big vote today that makes way for singer drivers to drive on i-66 in the beltway during wash hour. there is one group that could halt that process. that's a
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first at 6:30 tonight, city leaders in washington want to highlight the recent success that detectives have had in closing murder cases. 12 closings in just the past 30 days. >> the high number of closures we've had in the past 30 days in large part is due to extra resources that the mayor has put in place to assist us with getting the job done. another huge chunk of that is community members are coming forward and working with us. >> chief cathy lanier gives credit to the hard work of detectives and additional resources in their crime labs. dozens of families are still praying for the closure they need after losing loved ones. the family of sharenice, a woman grabbed by a stranger and used
6:32 pm
as a shield during a shootout. what it's like for her family and others as they wait for breaks in their cases. >> reporter: the pain of losing a loved one to gun violence is a feeling many say is hard to describe. >> to be gunned down like an animal. >> reporter: but when the killer has never been brought to justice or even arrested, family members like cecilia davis say the pain can be unbearable. >> i'm very sad about it. >> it was august 2002 when cecilia's cousin was one of two women murdered on c street southeast. she says she wants officers to keep her family updated on where they are in the investigation because they're desperate for justice. >> not just for just the family, and as a family as well. families like sharenice milton, she was a 27-year-old reporter who was shot and killed on good hope road southeast in may. her parents are praying for an arrest. >> there are two men who are out there who can do that which is
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righteous, not what's right in their own eyes and do what is righteous in his eyes and if they would surrender and turn themselves in. >> at a conference, cathy lanier said they've closed 12 homicide cases, but sharenice is not one of them. >> i don't have any more updates to announce today. they're hoping one day they'll get the update they've been waiti for. >> we want peace. >> meagan fitzgerald, news 4. a man in maryland will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a man who texted his girlfriend. a montgomery county judge today gave pavel ivanov a life sentence. police say he stabbed brian hall in a jealous rage back on july 4, 2014. prosecutors say the surveillance video shows ivanov carrying a trash bag filled with bloody clothes after the attack that
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happened in galthersburg. a montgomery count i police officer is in the hospital tonight after getting hit by a suspected drunk driver. this happened during a slow-speed chase overnight. that pursuit went into a neighborhood and the suspect pulled into a driveway on ggranchester place. that man fired a shot at the driver, but missed. >> from what my neighbor tells me. they drove out through her yard here and i guess they went along behind the houses, between the houses and the fence and then came out. >> the suspect crashed into a pole not far from the neighborhood. he tried to run, but police caught him and he's facing dui and assault charges. the police officer is expected to be okay. a bit more now on the announcement today on the political scandal that once surrounded former d.c. mayor vincent gray. after a four-year federal
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investigation and 12 guilty pleas from others involved in the mayor's election bid, the former mayor will not face any charges related to the that shadow campaign investigation. the news 4 i-team has covered the stories from the beginning and tisha thompson now brings us up to speed on how the whole thing evolved. >> it all started with seoul man brown often referred to as a minor candidate, he ran against adrian fenty during a 2012 election. >> following the election, brown got a $110,000 job in the new gray administration, but was quickly fired after the media discovered he had a criminal history. >> don't tell me nothing that's not true. >> that's when brown told reporters he had been secretly paid by gray's campaign staffers. >> gave me cash and money orders to maintain my campaign for mayor, cover living expenses and attack then mayor fenty.
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>> the assistant treasurer thomas gore and howard brooks were the first to plead guilty. prosecutors say gore shredded a notebook recording secret payments to brown, but prosecutors unearthed abeven bigger scandal. what raul meechum called an illegal shadow campaign. >> the 2010 mayoral election was corrupted by massive infusion of cash that was illegally concealed from the voters of the district. >> reporter: prosecutors say jeffrey thompson held a government contract worth more than $330 million and illegally funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars through two of his close friends and eugena clark harris and vernon hawkins to purchase t-shirts, signs and other gear for the gray campaign. >> these materials were purchased from the same vendors as the official campaign materials and were often delivered to the official campaign headquarters. all three along with seven lower-level campaign staffers
6:37 pm
would ultimately plead guilty as part of the investigation. >> as part of his guilty plea, he met with mayor gray and gray knew about the shadow campaign which gray has always denied. the federal investigation was full of twists and turns. for instance, these signs right here. are they part of the shadow campaign or are they not? those are the kind of details that we've put into a time line. you can check out by going to our website, nbc and click on the lead story about the gray invest gagd at the top of the website. it is so full with details you can get right back up to speed about what happened. tisha thompson, news 4, i-team sgroo a big decision today impacting thousands of commuters in virginia and one commuter could bring the changes to the a halt. also a medical breakthrough. we'll report how in vitro is
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used on dogs and how it can save endangered animals. today's high temperature right around the average high of 49, but we get into the red and that means warm numbers as we head into the weekend and we're ta
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end of an era for the washington post. this afternoon bob woodward and carl bernstein helped the staff say farewell to the building they called home for decades. the post is moving from its 15th and l street location to 1301 k
6:41 pm
street. car properties bought the old buildings and they'll relocate there. "time" magazine went outside the u.s. to tap its person of the year. german chancellor angela merkel won the honor because of the way, among other things, that she handled the syrian refugee and greek debt crises. donald trump was in contention and tweeted it figures "time" would give the honor to the person that is, in his words, ruining germany. angela merkel is the first individual woman to receive the recking oognition in 29 years. we want to warn you, this next video is going to make you smile. take a look at this litter of seven puppies in upstate new york. told you. we're not just showing you these little guys because they're cute. they're actually marvels of science. this is the first litter of puppies born through in vitro
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fertilization. doctors say it's significant because it can help cure disease in dogs and even help other endangered species. scientists say ivf for dogs s eluded theme because it's more complicated than it is for humans. ask your parents about it. taking a toll on commuters as we look live in virginia. a controversial project along i-66 just got the green light and one group could stop it from happening. >> a mother turned her loss into something positive duri the holidays. how she's honoring her son by opening her home to
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single drivers will soon be able to drive interstate 66 inside the beltway during rush hour, but you'll have to pay a toll. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is live in arlington. not everyone is onboard with this idea. >> that's right, eun. when we were with you in the past hour we were still within the rush hour restriction time. that lifted about 15 minutes ago and you can see it's picking up. the traffic coming towards us leaving the district, but under these changes the rush hour would be extended until 7:00. another half hourr so in the
6:46 pm
evening and as you mentioned it would allow single riders to drive within the beltway as long as they pay a toll. however, as you mentioned, some are not for this. in fact, they're turning to lawmakers in hopes that they can halt these plans. >> we see this in essence as a commuter tax for the privilege of using 66 in arlington county. >> like plane of yours, along i-66 along the beltway and into the district, they make this drive alone with clean fuel plates. by 2017 he'll have to pay a toll. he'll end up making the road more congested for those of us who have been using it for years. >> a commonwealth transportation report sees it differently. they believe the changes would make for a smoother commute, for the first time giving commuters a rise during the rush. >> they can make that choice to pay if they're single occupant,
6:47 pm
otherwise they can use the road as they've done in the past. carpoolers won't have to pay the toll. among the changes, the restriction times will widen inside the beltway. eastbound they'll go from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30. by 2020 carpool requirements across our region will jump from two to three riders. >> it will move twice as many people at a minimum of 45 miles per hour and much more reliable on their trip. >> he acknowledges it's not a permanent fix for congestion. >> it's turning into more walkable communities. >> i think it's a done deal from vdot's point of view, but the republicans and house of delegates have announced a bill just to put a direct stop on what vdot's trying to do, and it's posted more on the group advocating this issue and all you have to search is i-66.
6:48 pm
va vance. >> hundreds of police officers have been going in and out of the house, but it's a good thing they're doing that. for the last 19 years a woman named shirley gibson opens her home and cooks holiday dinner for all those cops. she's been doing it since her son brian gibson was killed in the line of duty many years ago. over the years, it's grown into one of the biggest police traditions in the area with officers from all over the region stopping by for a home cooked meal. ms. gibson says she also does it to say thanks. >> you know, you're out here and you're putting your life on the line every day. you're protecting and somebody needs to say thank you and that's what we do. we say thank you. >> mrs. gibson starts getting ready for the dinner weeks in advance. you can imagine how that would
6:49 pm
be. today she fed more than 300 officers. >> wow! >> good for her. >> that's my favorite story of the day. >> we thank you, mrs. gibson, for all that you're doing. >> hi, doug. >> hi. you were mad at me today. >> i'm not plaid mad at you. >> it was chillier than i thought it would be. i listen to what you say, every word. >> it was cooler than it was expected to be. just letting you know and that is true. you were fine and you were okay to be mad at me. i understand 100% because i went to 57 and it was 49. >> that's a little different. >> that's a little different and i did say we'd have clouds and the next couple of days we will warm up so no problem. so you will be just fine over the next couple of days as those temperatures will be going up. 47 degrees and 9:00 around 45 degrees at 11:00 around 44. we could see some areas of fog so watch out for that especially
6:50 pm
overnight into early tomorrow morning, but tomorrow afternoon, no problem. >> 44 in rockford. it was 58 earlier today and they saw the sunshine. the rest of us saw the wedge come in and the cold air wedge that comes in just to the east of the blue ridge and that's what we saw during the day today and that's why the clouds stuck in. radar nothing to show except for this system back to the west and some rain is moving in here and it will actually move through and take the fog away with it and that will take the sunshine tomorrow and 60 degrees on your thursday and 64 on friday and 69 on saturday and that's only two degrees shy of the record of 71 and 67 on sunday, and here we go, eun yang, 70 degrees on monday. we're in the middle of december, folks, look at that forecast. >> let's hope you're right. you don't want eun yang mad at you because she don't play. >> i know where you live, doug. >> that's right. coming up in sports, they'll talk football. we're going to talk football.
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carol's out at the park. are they going to win out in order to make playoffs? what do you think? >> no, i don't. i think they win the division with two more wins. wouldn't that be crazy? a 7 and 9 division winner is possible, vance? it's possible, vance. it's possible and you know the division winner hosts the game and that would be crazier, but basically a lot of folks think that the skins with the four games remaining have a favorable schedule, but they're winless on the road and three of the four on the road so you say forget about it, but honestly the next one in chicago, guess what? the bears only have one win at home. so you have to like those odds. meantime, the burgundy and gold moving on from monday's loss and the key is to stay focused and stay positive and they're still in it, still in the playoff hunt and the skins for the division lead and it is up for grabs and we'll see what kind of gas is left in the tank.
6:55 pm
>> we're 5 and 7 and eagles are 5 and 7 and the importance of this game is big for all teams involved in this race. >> regardless of what the record is right now and we're in first place and tied for first and make the most of what you can do and don't look bad in january and i wish i could have done this and take advantage of this opportunity. >> you feel extra pressure on your shoulders right now as you know the stretch and keeping a positive attitude is so important. >> i don't think it's less pressure and it's more pressure. we're basically going to have a four-game playoff and we have to get pressure to get us in the playoffs. >> so we'll see. also today the news from college, former uva coach mike london has won a new job and he's the new defensive line coach at maryland. d.j. durkin announcing several hires. and he brings on recently fired
6:56 pm
syracuse head coach scott schaefer and a owe zar abdul rahim. you may remember his name, he was at coach at friendship cl j collegiate in d.c. they're recommending all teams should maintain the netting around the field to increase fan safety. we've seen incidents at ballp k ballparks across the country and wooe reached out to a nats spokesperson and they told us that the team has been informed by mlb that they meet the standards. >> also, nats g.m., mike rizzo confirming the nates have made an offer. leak most recently with the giants' pitch for dusty baker and he played alongside steven straussburg and he was not too happy. he said to "usa today," quote,
6:57 pm
he was an overweight, pouty and used to cry. leak has some explaining to do. orioles fans helping chris davis believe in baltimore. the os have reportedly offered the free agent slugger worth $150 million. it would be the largest condition tract contract in the world's history and more than any other player in the free agent market. >> to basketball, wizards hosting the rockets tonight. john wall back on track in december averaging 28 points a game this month and that's after a rough november with the wizards star averaged 14.5. wizards getting a big boost, and he had traveled to poland to help take care of his mother and he's picking back up where he left off and he had three consecutive double doubles before the game.
6:58 pm
a lot of good feelings on the sports cast. >> i'm glad he's back because i think he adds a lot to that team. >> thanks, carol. appreciate it. >> that's our broadcast for now.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, plotting to kill for years. chilling new revelations about the husband and wife terror team discussing jihad long before she came to america. and news tonight, syed farook may have been planning an earlier attack three years ago. outburst in court. >> i want the truth out. planned parenthood attacker proclaims he's guilty calling himself a warrior for the babies. boiling point in chicago. protesters flood the streets, scuffling with police, demanding the mayor must go. as rahm emanuel nearly breaks down while apologizing for a deadly police shooting. and up in flames. one of the season's hottest gifts in more ways than one. tonight, the fire danger of the item so many kids are asking for. nightly news begins right now.


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